September 10 deadline for mural design submission | THE DAILY HERALD

Preparation of mural wall.

PHILIPSBURG–Be The Change Foundation (BTC) reminds those interested in submitting a mural design that the deadline is September 10, 2021. BTC is looking for artists residing in Dutch St. Maarten/French St. Martin to be part of its


@colormesxm Philipsburg Art Walk mural project extension.

  Selected artists will receive US $120 per square metre and a flat fee of $200 for the design in compensation for their participation.

  Artists 16 years or older who would like to participate in this project are requested to send their design or sketch for a mural and a short biography to

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before the deadline.

  Stakeholders in Philipsburg will be asked to select which six designs will receive funds to be turned into murals.

  “With your help we aim to beautify Philipsburg further, encourage more foot traffic to the area, and provide a fun and free activity to do for all,” said BTC.

  For mural requirements visit or email

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  This project is made possible by Resources 4 Community Resilience (R4CR), financed by the government of the Netherlands via the St. Maarten Trust Fund.

  The Trust Fund is administered by the World Bank, implemented by the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) and executed by the Association of Dutch Municipalities International VNGI, in close cooperation with Foresee Foundation-NPOwer and other local partners.

Source: The Daily Herald