Service in honour of senior citizens at Bethel Chapel

Sharon van Putten-Blair (left) presenting a fruit basket to Mary Busby (98).


ST. EUSTATIUS–A service of praise was held for the senior citizens of St. Eustatius. Marcella Gibbs-Marsdin had extended an invitation to all seniors to come out and give God praise.

  Present at the Senior Citizen’s Day ceremony were Commissioners Derrick Simmons and Charles Woodley, Island Councilwoman Adelka Spanner, and clergy members Hillary Jeffers of the Anglican Church and Pastor Kathleen Plunkett of the Apostolic Church. Reverend Vincia Celestine gave the sermonette.

  Sharon Van Putten-Blair welcomed everyone to the special recognition service for the seniors. She thanked Reverend Celestine and the Methodist congregation for allowing them to host the programme.

  She said that everyone has experienced the seniors’ affectionate love, care, commitment, dedication and support. She said they are light bearers, the beacons and the engine that keeps lives moving and the community going.

  “Words cannot be found to express our gratitude for your many contributions to our life and this community at large,” Blair said.

Apostolic Church Pastor Kathleen Plunkett (centre) and her husband receiving a gift basket for their 47 years of marriage.



  Some seniors performed a skit, portraying themselves as being out in the wilderness trying to get home, but they were tired and lost. They could hear a voice in the distance saying “come,” and they struggled until they made it.

  Melodious singing was performed by Ishn Courtar and Ursella Lopes. Two fruit baskets were given out, one for oldest senior citizen at the event Mary Busby, who is 98 years old, and another to the oldest couple at the event namely Pastor Plunkett and her husband, who share 47 years of marriage.

  Reverend Celestine spoke about growing old graciously. Seniors, she said, are the people that mean the most in the community as they have contributed their lives for the upbringing and growth of the younger generation. “They are the trendsetters of the community,” she said.

  The Reverend posed the question of how a person grows old graciously. “God called Abraham because he was obedient to him. To grow old graciously means you have to be sure to be right with God,” Celestine said.

  Stating it is an honour for the elderly to have grey hair; she encouraged them to “radiate” a positive attitude and to keep their sense of humour, and also “try to make sure that you keep in contact with others, so that you are not by yourself all the time.”

  She also admonished the elderly Statians to take care of their physical health, as their bodies are the “temple of God,” so they have to take care of it.

Source: The Daily Herald