Seven illegal foreigners charged for fraudulently obtaining documents | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–A former employee of the Préfecture’s Foreign Service was presented to the public Prosecutor’s Office Wednesday evening suspected of abusing her office to grant – in return for cash payment collected through an intermediary – residence permits to foreigners who did not meet the normal regulatory requirements.

The investigations were conducted by Police au Frontières (PAF) based on suspicion of the Préfecture over illegal activities. The employee was first suspended by the Préfecture until proof was established by the investigation.
Also taken before the Prosecutor was the intermediary – a resident from the Dominican Republic, who worked in the building. He collected the money and delivered the residence permits. The former employee was a 45-year-old female St. Martiner who admitted to the fraud.

Both were notified of their summons to a correctional court hearing on October 18, 2018, at 8:30am to be charged with active and passive corruption and assistance with illegal residence.

At the end of the investigation and police custody, seven illegal foreigners (mainly Dominican Republic nationals) are to face prosecution for active corruption and fraudulently obtaining administrative documents. They claimed they were told to pay 3,000 euros to obtain the permits but this amount was disputed by the intermediary and the employee, according to the Prosecutor.

Source: The Daily Herald