Seven persons arrested Friday | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Police arrested seven persons during separate house searches and raids on Friday, September 7.

The first arrest occurred early Friday morning when detectives conducted a house search on Messapple Road in St.

Peters and arrested a male suspect D.R.B. in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation into an incident that occurred in St. Peters on August 6. Several items were also confiscated during the house search by orders of the Acting Judge.

The investigation is ongoing, police spokesperson Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said in a press release on Sunday.

A male suspect A.K.W. was arrested on Friday afternoon during a raid police conducted on Soualiga Road. A warrant for the suspect’s arrest had been issued in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation.

Five other suspects were arrested during the raid for violating the country’s drugs and weapons laws. Drugs and firearms found in the suspects’ possession were confiscated for further investigation.

All suspects were taken to the Philipsburg police station where they will remain in custody for questioning and further investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald