Several persons come to aid of hurricane survivor

ST. PETERS–Touched by the story of hurricane survivor Gale Hodge, several persons and organisations have expressed interest in assisting the mother of three who lost her life’s possessions when her and her mother’s roofs were swept off during the passage of Hurricane Irma on Wednesday, September 6.

Now homeless and jobless, Hodge shared her story in an effort to be a voice for persons who went through similar experiences during the passage of the devastating storm.
Linda Tucker, who owns two condo vacation rentals in Simpson Bay, donated US $700 to Hodge last week to assist her and her family in whatever way she can. The funds were obtained from a go-fund-me page that Tucker had set up to raise funds to assist persons who had been impacted by Irma. The donation was presented to Hodge by Dream Beach Vacations St. Maarten official Marinka de Joode, who manages the vacation rentals for Tucker.
Hodge was grateful for the donation and in turn shared some of it with others who were in similar situations as herself. She said sharing in this time is essential.
So far the go-fund-me page has received $5,400 in donations ($4,680 online plus $720 that was mailed). Cheques have already been donated to seven families totalling $4,800 plus a $300 donation to SXM Paws thus far.
The go-fund-me page can be accessed at
“I felt like an angel doing something good for these people and I was just a messenger delivering cheques. You could see their faces light up,” De Joode said. “I have lived here in St. Maarten for 35 years and have never seen the island so devastated, so it felt good to do this for these people who really need it.”
Several other persons also contacted The Daily Herald enquiring how they can assist Hodge, including Prominent Women Foundation which offered to provide Hodge with support relating to mental stability. The Foundation said it is putting together a programme for this purpose dealing with the mind, spirit ad body.
Hodge is grateful for the reactions received to her story and thanked everyone who sent a message of support, words of strength or assisted her in one way or another.
Hodge’s article can be read in the Saturday, October 7, edition of this newspaper.

Source: The Daily Herald