Shark Day

Nature Foundation recently organized its second Shark Week as part of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance “Save our Sharks” project funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. The focus was on changing the perception of people about sharks which are often incorrectly displayed as villains. A Shark Day for children was held in Buccaneer Beach Bar, with almost 100 children in attendance. At night, there was a shark party to celebrate sharks and showcase the shark research and tagging done on St Maarten. Jörgen Raymman, “Save our Sharks” ambassador and famous Dutch Comedian, joined the party to speak about the importance of sharks and his passion for the creatures.

Buccaneer Beach Bar did not provide environmentally damaging plastic straws and used recyclable cups for the day and night events to decrease the plastic input into the environment. Nature Foundation applauded this and hopes other bars and restaurants are following their example.

Source: The Daily Herald