Shooting in French Quarter leaves one seriously injured


MARIGOT—A man was shot several times in French Quarter at around 9:30pm Friday night before being transported to the emergency room of the French side hospital with serious injuries.

Commandant Sébastien Manzoni confirmed the shooting and indicated the victim was well known to the Gendarmerie. He did not give the name of the victim. The Daily Herald understands his first name is “Kemoy”.

The victim was shot several times but the number of bullets were not confirmed.


Circumstances surrounding the shooting were not clear and it was unclear if there was one or more shooters. The shooting took place near the RN7 at a bar called Two Twins where apparently a party was being held. The victim was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle.

The Gendarmerie is investigating the incident.

Source: The Daily Herald Shooting in French Quarter leaves one seriously injured