Shot is fired during fight | THE DAILY HERALD

Policemen on the street where the shooting occurred.

PETERS–Patrons at a bar on St. Peters Road had to flee on Sunday afternoon after a shot was fired by a man in what appeared to have been an altercation between two men.

Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson did not respond to a request from this newspaper for information about the incident on Sunday.

An eyewitness said a man who appeared to be of Venezuelan nationality had been seen running behind another man said to be a local. The man who was being pursued entered a yard, came back out with a gun and fired at the Venezuelan man who had been pursuing him. The gunshot caused patrons at the bar and in the area to start fleeing from the bullet.

A scooter was lying on the street at the time of the incident and is believed to have belonged to one of the men involved in the incident. Broken bottles were also on the street in the wake of the incident. The cause of the altercation between the men could not be ascertained yesterday.

No one was said to have been hurt in the incident.

Source: The Daily Herald