SHTA calls MPs to support conditions, instruct Govt.

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) has issued an urgent request to Parliament adopt a motion supporting the legislation in line with the conditions set by the Dutch Government and to instruct Government to provide its unconditional commitment to same and, as soon as possible, to officially request reconstruction and relief funds from the Netherlands.

“Our unconcerned Parliament seems to sit by and let Government get away with unnecessary political games to the detriment of the recovery of the nation. This, while people are without roofs, without secure income and without a strong economy to look forward to,” SHTA said.
SHTA framed its request in its press statement: “After all, the date for the Integrity Chamber was already agreed to by our Prime Minister before Irma; and Holland only wants to ensure that the deadline does not slip.”
The conditions put on the table by the Dutch Government – the installation of an Integrity Chamber and stricter border controls – “would only strengthen our young nation and add much-needed checks and balances.”
The association said it is with “deep concern and mounting frustration” that it is witnessing “our Government’s ongoing reluctance to engage in a cooperative dialogue with Holland with regard to securing much-needed recovery funds for the country.”
“The time to act is almost over and enough time has been exhausted. Let’s get this done so we may get on with the much-needed Building Back Better of the country,” the largest employer representative organisation said.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. It’s best that this organization sticks to what it knows which is how to provide the best possible hospitality accommodation to its guest and leave the issue of governing the country to those who are elected.