SHTA Young Professionals mixer

St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) recently hosted its first SXM Young Professionals Mixer at Oranje Café on Walter Plantz Square. Some 120 young professionals, including business talent invited by SHTA and ORCO Bank, attended the network. The organisers’ goal for the mixer was to recognize those who are relatively new to the workforce and committed to structurally contribute to the country’s entrepreneurial future. The initiative was praised by many attendees, said SHTA. The association quoted Mabel from InselAir as saying: “Good initiative. It is nice for the youth to get in touch and if they think about setting up their own company they get to know a bit how to do it.” The entire ORCO Bank team was present as a show of their commitment to assisting young professionals in achieving home-ownership and financial alternatives.

Source: The Daily Herald