Side-scan sonar ocean bottom mapping project

Saba Archaeological Center SABARC and St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research SECAR conducted a side-scan sonar ocean bottom mapping project around Saba in October. This was the first time such a project was carried out and had as its emphasis the location of archaeological sites and features on the sea floor. Involved in the investigation were Ruud Stelten (SECAR), Ryan Espersen (SABARC) and Dr. Jay Haviser (SABARC-SIMARC), with Saba Conservation Foundation giving technical support with its boat and Captain Pouchi Dozlyn. The project is part of the ongoing Underwater Cultural Heritage Management plan of SABARC-SECAR-St. Maarten Archaeological Centre SIMARC for the Dutch Caribbean. The team will soon move on to mapping Simpson Bay in St. Maarten. Side-Scan Sonar is a proven scientific geophysical technique for mapping the sea bottom, based on towing a sonar device behind a boat in regular transects along the coast line, with the sonar sending information about bottom physical features to a computer monitor onboard.

Source: The Daily Herald Side-scan sonar ocean bottom mapping project