Simarc, Leos plant five Mimosa trees

Simarc and Leos members at the tree planting sight with one of the tree planted in 2009 in the background.


PHILIPSBURG–The five Mimosa trees, chosen because they are drought-resistance and evergreen, are now planted in the green area between W.J.A. Nisbeth Road and the parking lot across from Subway restaurant.

  The trees were planted to mark St. Maarten Tree Day on March 22 by St. Maarten Archaeological Centre Simarc and the Leos Club.


  The trees replaced several planted at the same location on Tree Day in 2009. Some trees have survived time and storms, others haven’t. Left to grow, Mimosa trees can become a beautiful green asset with shade along the parking area.

  “Teamwork is always the best policy for building a better future, and on March 22nd for St. Maarten’s National Tree Day, some of the youth from Simarc and Leos Club put actions to those ideas, they planted trees together,” said Simarc Director Archaeologist Jay Haviser.

Source: The Daily Herald