Simpson Bay Resort donates 120 tablets to Catholic school board | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Jozef O’Neil of Royal Resorts Caribbean, Lilia Aventurin-Hodge and Tanja Frederiks-Vliegen of Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten, and Marcel Javois of Simpson Bay Resorts and Marina.

SIMPSON BAY–Simpson Bay Resort and Marina/Royal Resorts Caribbean donated 120 Android-based tablets to Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten to be used in the various Catholic schools in St. Maarten.

Royal Resorts Caribbean Project Director Jozef O’Neil said the “generous donation” is in line with the mission of Simpson Bay Resort and Marina/Royal Resorts Caribbean, which is to be a good corporate citizen and to show support for the community, especially during these difficult post-Hurricane Irma times.

The corporation has donated to several organisations in the past. “As a business, we are constantly seeking ways to give back to the community. The youth is our main focus. Being a tourism destination and the youth being the future of St. Maarten, we as a corporation sees it as a privilege to invest in our youth by making a contribution towards their education,” the resort said in a press release on Friday.

“It is an honour to make this donation to the Foundation’s students,” Simpson Bay Resort and Marina General Manager Marcel Javois said.

Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten provides “quality education” to 2,000 students. “These tablets fit in perfectly with the Foundation’s vision to increase the use of IT [information technology – Ed.] within all seven Catholic schools, not only as a tool for researching and for using educational apps, but also to give the students the necessary training to use IT effectively and in a positive way,” said foundation Executive Director Lilia Aventurin-Hodge.

The corporation was introduced to the Foundation’s plans of the exceptional Sister Marie Laurence School.

“The students from this school will definitely be able to make much use of this fantastic donation. The plans for the exceptional school include incorporating different teaching techniques. The goal is to tap into the full potential of each student by incorporating a holistic development programme, which will comprehensively address the needs and focus on the talents of all the students – both academically and as well as non-academically,” said the school’s Project Manager Tanja Frederiks-Vliegen.

“Having these kinds of tools [tablets – Ed.] to work with can enhance the learning experience of the students.”

The foundation’s IT department will look at the possibilities of how best to use the tablets within the various Catholic schools.

“The foundation is extremely grateful for this very generous donation and would like to thank Simpson Bay Resort and Marina/Royal Resorts Caribbean for their kindness,” Aventurin-Hodge said.

Source: The Daily Herald