Singer Lydia Lawrence publishes biography | THE DAILY HERALD

Lydia Lawrence at the book signing in Rainbow Café, Grand Case. (Photo Robert Luckock)

Lydia Lawrence with loyal fans Séverin and Veronique Juminer in Rainbow Café. (Photo Robert Luckock)


MARIGOT–St. Martin-born singer Lydia Lawrence just recently launched her first biography La Diva de Saint-Martin along with her latest CD “Mon Ile, Mon Paradis” at a book signing in Rainbow Café, Grand Case.

The Paris-based chanteuse said it was the first time her life and career have been showcased in a book.

“The book describes my upbringing in St. Martin, a bit of history of St. Martin, my family and friends, the start of my singing career, my travels to Europe to pursue my career, to where I am today,” she explained.” I’m very happy that people are buying the book and the CD. They are selling well. The people are proud that a local St. Martiner has a book out.”

The entire proceeds from the CD single will be given to an association that looks after the interests of children in St. Martin, while one euro of the sale of each book will also be donated to that association. The book is available for purchase for 25 euros.

The book is written by a friend from Madagascar, Vanina Raliterason, based on interviews with the singer. It is currently written in French, but an English version will soon be published.

“Vanina and I are going to Senegal in Africa, and to Dakar, and she is preparing the trip”, Lydia disclosed. “We will be presenting the book there and talking about my history, the history of slavery and how the slaves came to the Caribbean. It will be the first time a St. Martiner will be talking about that and the history of St. Martin in Africa. Of course, I will also be singing. So, I’m very proud and honoured to be representing St. Martin with this book. I travel to a lot of places with my music, but this trip will be very special.”

The pair leave for Africa on November 20. The book can be purchased from Lydia’s mother Floriane at her house in Around the Pond, French Quarter, until August 9, when Lydia returns to France. She will be returning to St. Martin in the second week of September to bring school materials and clothes.

The proceeds from book and CD sales are being managed by Lydia Lawrence for association “Une Lumiere por les Iles” in collaboration with now retired school owner/principal Aline Choisy.

“Aline, myself and the mayor of the commune where I live in France are collaborating on twinning a school in St. Martin with a school in France,” she disclosed. “The mayor has promised to donate 50,000 euros to the children of St. Martin which will be put directly into the association’s account.”


Source: The Daily Herald