Sister Borgia pupils shine in recyclables exchange voucher incentive programme | THE DAILY HERALD

Pupils showcase their vouchers received.

PHILIPSBURG–Pupils at Sister Borgia Elementary School have demonstrated their commitment to environmental sustainability through their participation in a new recyclables exchange voucher incentive programme.

Since its launch on June 3, the initiative has already resulted in the collection of more than 1,500 mixed-stream plastics and aluminium cans.

The programme, which encourages students to bring recyclables from home and their community in exchange for vouchers, aims to instil environmental responsibility at a young age. The school has set an ambitious goal of collecting an estimated 7,500 mixed recyclables, supported by a sponsorship budget allocated to the school.

Claude Javois, an advocate for the programme, commended the dedication of the pupils and the support provided by school staff, including School Manager Edmira Jacobs and Coordinator Wescott-Richardson. “The enthusiasm and commitment of the Sister Borgia Elementary School students have been truly impressive. The teamwork displayed by the teachers and other staff members has been instrumental in driving this programme forward,” he stated.

Since 2019, the school has established a cooperative effort to transport the collected recyclables to the French side of the island under an agreement with the Collectivité of St. Martin. This partnership ensures that the materials are processed appropriately, demonstrating the school’s commitment to not just local, but regional environmental stewardship.

The initiative at Sister Borgia Elementary is more than just a recycling effort; it is a vital educational experience that instills the importance of sustainability and environmental care in young minds. As the programme progresses, it is expected to inspire similar efforts in other schools and communities, contributing to a greener and more conscious future.

Source: The Daily Herald