Six bids opened for Jeems Road project | THE DAILY HERALD

Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure Interim Director Anthony Reid (left), Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers (second left) with a few representatives of companies that submitted bids.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The six bids submitted for the Jeems Road Project were opened in the Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure office in Fort Oranje on April 9.

Submitting bids were Windward Roads Infrastructure – US $5,951,000; Maynard Construction N.V. – $3,337,222; Statia Construction – $3,764,919; Statia Construction’s second offer – $2,258,951; Van Boekel Bouw and Infrastructure – $6,391,332; Koop Caribbean joint venture – $3,900,720; and CT Creativity N.V. – $4,881,341.

Before each bid was opened, the envelope was displayed to all present to verify that the bid documents were still within and that it had not been tampered with in any way.

The project has an estimated timeframe of nine month and encompasses some 1.2 kilometres of concrete slabs. The northern dirt section of the road will become a one-way road and the southern section will see a retaining wall removed and a new two-way road built.

It is part of a larger project that will see various roads undergo much-needed repairs.

The new roads will include drainage, side paths, cables and streetlighting.

Officials present for the bids opening included Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers, Directorate Interim Director Anthony Reid, Directorate representatives Austin van Heynigen, Andy Brissett, Maldwyn Timber, and Marcelle van Valkenburg of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management.

Source: The Daily Herald