SMHDF to sell two new homes to tenants soon

BELVEDERE–St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF) is in the process of selling two newly built homes in Belvedere to existing tenants. This move will not only see two families become homeowners, it will also free up two rental units for allocation to people with the most urgent housing needed on the Foundation’s lengthy waiting list, said Housing Foundation Interim Managing Director Helen Salomons.

The Foundation is awaiting an appointment with the notary to complete the first sale for 2016 of the two three-bedroom houses.

Six additional units will be constructed by the Foundation soon. The deposits for the units have been made by Foundation tenants as well as people not residing in any Foundation’s property.

The six Cotton Tree Villas will be SMHDF’s last stand-alone homes to be constructed in Belvedere Area.

In consideration of this project and its strategic location, Foundation Management will add “elaborate greenery to the respective homes as well as the overall enhancement of our main road,” said Salomons.

The objective of the sales programmes is to increase revenue. The Foundation Management envisions revenue growth from a mix of sales and marketing activities, which aims to increase housing opportunities for a wider spectrum in society, and by extension, assist the socio-economically weak in society with affordable and safe housing.

“Our vision is to diversify the housing sales market to the wider sense of the word. Through this methodology we envision to assist as many residents as possible in acquiring homeownership at low cost,” said Salomons.

Public Housing Minister Angel Meyers recently toured projects of the Housing Foundation that were in the finalization phase. Two three-bedroom houses are in the process of being sold were shown to Meyers and his entourage. Meyers, according to the Foundation was “very impressed with the high quality products used and low cost of the unit.”

Source: The Daily Herald SMHDF to sell two new homes to tenants soon