Smith honours FBE top 2018 performers | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports honoured the top performing students for the 2018 Foundation-Based Education (FBE) Exit Examinations on Tuesday.

Of the 509 pupils who sat the exams in May, those with the overall top three scores as well as the highest scorers per subject were awarded certificates by the Ministry.

Overall, the top performer was Suhani Nathumal of St. Dominic Primary School, who scored 94 per cent. Lavanya Budhwani of Methodist Agogic Centre (MAC) Browlia F. Maillard Campus had the second highest score of 91 per cent overall. There was a tie between St. Dominic Primary pupils Lehar Marata and Syandra Caesar for the third highest score of 90 per cent.

Nathumal also captured the top award for Dutch with 94 per cent and General Knowledge with 90 per cent. Angeornee Canhigh of MAC Browlia F. Maillard Campus scored 99 per cent in English, while Sameer Kirplani of MAC Rev. John A. Gumbs Campus earned 96 per cent in Mathematics.

Education Minister Wycliffe Smith encouraged the pupils during the ceremony, which was themed: “Excelling against the odds.”

“Undoubtedly, there were some extra hours of study while your peers slept or played. You worked hard to accomplish what we celebrate today and I encourage you to keep excelling regardless of the circumstances that are around you. Now you have begun a new journey in secondary education. Challenges are sure to come. Some may seem greater than the catastrophic Irma. Yet, you are poised to exceed the average expectation because you have already pushed your limits to higher heights,” Smith said.

To the parents, he said: “It is your footprints that they have walked in, where now they blaze a trail of excellence for others to follow. You showed them that there is nothing too great for them to accomplish despite the circumstances. You supported their dreams, provided them with resources, and showered them with love in the good and the bad times.

“I expect that you too will rise to these new heights and hold the proverbial lamp for the late-night studies. Continue to keep track of their assignments and topics being learnt. Make the sandwiches for the group studies. Monitor the social media influence, while providing meaningful periods of relaxation with family and friends.

“You have earned the right to feel proud of these accomplishments today, but this is only the beginning. After high school will come college – baccalaureate, master’s and possibly doctoral studies. Prepare them for life away from home and instil in them that, when their studies are done, ‘there is no place like home.’”

He wished all the students much success in their future endeavours.
In addition to their certificates from the Ministry, and considering the reduced budget of the government administration, Smith used personal funds to purchase gifts for each student, as well as an extra prize for the top performer. He was assisted during the presentations by Division of Examinations head Yvette Halley.

Source: The Daily Herald