SMMC offers vascular and intervention care

CAY HILL–St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) said on Thursday that it provides interventional procedures for dialysis patients with the help of a vascular surgeon and an interventional radiologist.

Vascular surgeon Dr. Mirza Idu has been performing vascular surgery procedures at SMMC for the past two years. He comes from the Netherlands where he works fulltime as a vascular surgeon at Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) in Amsterdam. SMMC said the hospital considers itself fortunate to have been able to attract and use the services of “this vastly experienced surgeon.”

Interventional radiologist Dr. Jesserun has worked with SMMC as a rotational radiologist since 2007. Jesserun comes from Curaçao, where he works fulltime. He often provides his services to St. Maarten and other Caribbean islands. He has worked with previous nephrologists and their patients during his tenure at SMMC.

SMMC said Idu and Jesserun are known to carry out their procedures jointly at SMMC. A close working relationship between the two specialists provides “proper diagnosis and decision-making” regarding appropriate treatment options. In addition, the joint efforts have provided a foundation for sharing information and creating a continuous learning experience.

Both specialists have introduced and facilitated symposiums with fellow medical specialists at SMMC. They also work closely with the nephrologists and general surgeons for the care of patients with kidney disease. For the past two years they have been returning to SMMC on a quarterly basis providing care and surgical procedures to dialysis patients.

“The combined efforts of all specialists working closely together have enabled the SMMC to provide accessible care, affordable quality care for all patients in need of this specialty. Through these efforts, patients have been able to get treatment close to home and have further reduced the need to travel long distances to receive specialised medical care,” it was stated in a press release.
“SMMC continuously strives to ensure safe, quality health care close to home for our community, its visitors and neighbouring islands.”

Source: The Daily Herald