SNSM President extends best wishes to donors for New Year

René-Jean Duret


MARIGOT–French-side sea rescue station SNSM President René-Jean Duret says he is very appreciative of the donations made throughout 2017 that have helped finance SNSM’s actions.

  “Through your previous donations, you made the choice to financially support the actions of our Station SNSM in St. Martin and I would like to renew my thanks, on behalf of all our volunteers,” he stated in a New Year’s message. “Volunteers, despite their family and professional constraints, are operational day and night to answer calls from the surveillance centre CROSS of the Antilles-Guiana area to save lives and boats at sea.

“During the year 2017, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the SNSM, the State recognised rescue at sea as a ‘great national cause,’ and we hope governments on the one hand and all those who live or benefit from tourist activities on the other hand will understand that it is very important to support us.

  “Although Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, severely affected most of our members, our St. Martin station was able to remain operational despite degraded means and a reduced workforce.
  “Our actions and means are financed more than 90 per cent by private initiatives. That means you! The first lifesaver is you, the donor! Without you, without your gift, our volunteers would not be able to fulfil these auxiliary missions such as maintenance, the management of our station, as well as our actions in prevention, training and rescue at sea.
  “Nautical tourism is one of the main economic resources of our region and it is constantly evolving; increase in the number of boaters, diversification of nautical leisure activities, more risky practices, etcetera. We must therefore adapt to the changes, strengthen the training of our volunteers, and ensure maintenance of our material resources, communication and rescue equipment is always up to par.

  “Many challenges await us in 2018 and we hope to be able to count on your support. If you are a taxpayer of St. Martin, we also draw your attention to the fact that the Collectivité tax system provides 20 per cent tax deduction for donations to associations, except for local associations such as ours, where the deduction is increased to 80 per cent. This applies to individuals and companies.

  “For example, a donation of 400 euros to the order of the SNSM of St. Martin will cost you in fact only 80 euros after tax deduction. Our treasurer will be happy to send you a tax receipt for your income tax return. Once again, we thank you for your help in 2017 and send you best wishes for a Happy New Year 2018.”

Source: The Daily Herald