SNSM sea rescue retrieves body mutilated by a shark

MARIGOT–French side sea rescue service SNSM brought ashore the remains of a man whose body was found badly mutilated and floating in the waters of Plum Bay on Sunday.

According to Vice-President of SMSM Jean-Claude van Rymenant, SNSM was called to intervene at 11: 30am by persons on a vessel who had spotted the body in the water who they thought was a drowning victim and were trying to scare and fend off a shark that was feeding on it.

An SNSM rescue vessel crew with two Gendarmes from the Brigade Nautique went out to investigate and brought the remains of the body back to shore.

According to van Rymenant, the SNSM crew reported finding a black man in the water whose hands and legs were tied with wraps, though this could not be confirmed. It also appeared the body had been in the water for a long time.

The report could not be independently confirmed by the Gendarmerie by press time and if a murder or missing person investigation has been opened.

Source: The Daily Herald