Social activist threatens PM on Facebook page

~ MP Richardson ready to defend himself ~

PHILIPSBURG–Social activist Rene “Coto” Wilson gathered a lot of attention Monday afternoon after he recently posted direct threats to Prime Minister William Marlin and the governing coalition for allegedly planning to postpone elections in September.

According to a recent posting on his Facebook page which appears to have since been removed Wilson stated, “PM just send for legal affairs to make an advice to stop the elections in September! I am asking this corrupted PM and his corrupted seven if they really think, we the people of St. Maarten is going to take it this way?
“Andre Bosman if Holland don’t want to witness the murder of corrupted politicians and their friends and families! You all better put a stop to that corrupted governor, we have in there!! Wake to hell up St Maarten people.
“This man has done nothing in the case of ship jumping and he don’t know s*** with what he is doing!! Mind you Andre Bosman dont forget the 30th of May 1969 in an island that don’t have have the guns that St Maarteners have!”
The post sparked attention on Facebook and caused former Democratic Party (DP) President Michael Ferrier to immediately send a screenshot of the post to the police over the weekend, as he believed it to be a direct threat to the Prime Minister and the coalition members who support the Government.
The Daily Herald understands that Prime Minister William Marlin did not take the news as a joke and wants Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo to raise this issue with the Prosecutor’s Office. He wants the Prosecutor to start an investigation into this matter immediately. Marlin denies he is planning to postpone the elections in September and believes Wilson’s post was aimed at creating turmoil by encouraging the public to murder politicians.
United St. Maarten Party (USP) leader Frans Richardson also addressed the matter in Parliament.
“These are serious issues. I am saying to Prosecutor’s Office or Minister, you either do something or something’s going to happen to one of us in here. That is not the St. Maarten we want to build for our people. I am not taking it lightly. Bosman and Van Raak have these people as friends and they don’t condemn it.
“Certain people feel that they can say or do to anything to us in here. Madame Chair, I am going to protect myself and my family. This is not a joke. Everybody on social media is going along with this, but nobody is taking these comments seriously. All our lives are at stake and they need to realise we all have families too,” said a passionate Richardson on Monday, following the news of the post.
While persons commented under the post that Wilson’s comments were too extreme, he continued to post, “The people can do a lot! We have to stop talking and start killing them. … Remember we have a constitution that says we have the right to riot!! Remember this.”
The Prosecutor’s Office had not yet received an official complaint from Prime Minister William Marlin or any coalition member up to press time on Monday.
Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said in an invited comment that an official complaint had to be made at the police station for any type of investigation to begin.
This newspaper requested clarity from Rene Wilson about his post, but up to press time he was not available for comment.

Source: Daily Herald
Social activist threatens PM on Facebook page