Society/Welfare Director sheds light on garbage-collection fee exemption

The waste management plant in Man of War.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Society and Welfare Director Carol Jack-Roosberg has made it known that persons who are applying for an exemption from or a reduction of the fee for collection of waste need to be aware of a few issues.

The Department of Spatial Planning and Management DROB is no longer providing garbage collection service in St. Eustatius. Garbage collection is now being handled by EJL Services BV, which is managing the recycling plant as well as the collection of garbage.

It is also responsible for collecting the garbage collection fee for the coming six months. After six months, an evaluation of both the management team and the garbage collection fee will take place.

The Waste Management Office is located around the bend from the St. Eustatius Fire Department.

Garbage collection on the island now has fees for homes and for businesses, based on the surface area and categories. Fees for homes are US $132 or $216 per year, and fees for businesses are $480, $960 or $1,440 per year.

The St. Eustatius Government made it known that persons unable to comply with the new fees because of financial constraints are encouraged to contact or visit the Department of Social Work at Cottage Road, where an evaluation will be made to see if they are eligible for a subsidy.

Persons are requested to bring proof of household income, such as salary, pension and welfare, as well as a copy of their last utility bill. They will be requested to answer questions regarding all other expenses, and if necessary, they will be requested to submit copies.

After careful revision, an advice will then be submitted to the Executive Council, and persons will be informed of the decision, Jack-Roosberg said.

Source: The Daily Herald