Soft opening protocols for tourists outlined | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Parliamentary Secretary Quincia Gumbs-Marie and Premier Ellis Webster.

ANGUILLA–The government of Anguilla held a press conference to outline the details of the soft opening for tourists coming to Anguilla. The phased opening means that Anguilla will be open for business but with limitations, restrictions and implemented specifics that could be lessened or changed in the future.Premier Ellis Webster said that so far 269 persons have been repatriated to Anguilla and 50 are still in quarantine. He is concerned about those Anguillians who are still overseas, especially those in high precedence areas, but he is hoping that all can return within the next few weeks.

Quincia Gumbs-Marie, the Parliamentary Secretary who heads the committee for the tourism opening, said that tourists interested in coming to Anguilla can apply online after August 21. There will be a charge of US $1,000 for a stay up to three months for one person and this will cover two tests (one on arrival and one after 10 days) and surveillance at the villa for the 10 days of isolation. For a stay of over three months the cost will be US $2,000. “Lose the Crowd, Find Yourself” is the slogan being used for marketing the soft opening.Chief Medical Officer Dr. Aisha Andrewin said there will be strong surveillance at the villas in cooperation with the villa manager, with a 24-hour presence if possible.

There will be regular checks on all persons in isolation. She noted that Anguilla will likely get one or two cases but they will be able to control it. She said the island must avoid community transmission and risk elimination is vital. No public transport is turning out to be an advantage now, she said.Gina Brooks, from the Ministry of Tourism, gave details of the measures to be used in the villas and the special cleaning protocols. She said the villa will be considered a government-registered isolation facility for the 10 days. She noted that tourists from countries with a less than two per cent prevalence rate will be given preference. Persons wishing to visit Anguilla after October 31 can apply after the end of September.

The Anguilla Tourist Board has developed a detailed video describing Anguilla and what tourists can expect if they visit. The Board is particularly targeting long-stay visitors and those from countries with low rates of COVID-19. Thoughtful Digital Agency founder Tahirah Banks has developed a portal for Anguilla with all the details of arrival and including application forms and testing facilities. This will be available from August 21 on

Villas wishing to be included in the opening can apply to the Ministry of Finance and the villa will then be checked for suitability. There will only be 200 tourists allowed on island at one time, at first.

Source: The Daily Herald