Solar bus stops


A year after their coming was announced by now-former Minister Christophe Emmanuel, several solar-powered bus stops have popped up along the country’s roads.

The bus stops are to have solar-powered lights and USB sockets to allow commuters to charge their mobile devices as they wait for their bus.

A total of 60 bus stops that will also be used as advertising display areas are to be built. Photo by John Halley.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. This is a great step forward and needed for traffic movement. Now there is a problem. I have observed the concrete pads bring constructed and unfortunately there was not enough though put into the construction. What has been constructed is a concrete slab simply placed on the ground with a wing mounted on top. Wait and see what happens when the next hurricane comes. They will all topple or be blown into someone’s house or business. My question “Why were they not anchored in the ground?”