Solar eclipse a ‘mystery,’ says Father Peter de Jong

Father Peter de Jong admiring a high-tech solar eclipse from Fort Oranje through his smartphone.

ST. EUSTATIUS–“The world has witnessed an incredible mystery called the solar eclipse. It reminds us of the immense beauty of the universe and brings us out of our own petty set of concerns,” said father Peter de Jong of the St. Eustatius’ Roman Catholic Church commenting on Monday’s solar eclipse.  “It makes us remember we are all part of a big, glorious and beautiful universe. It is a mystery that we must first embrace and enjoy. It also reminds us of the fact that we – as human beings – are also part of a big mystery. Only God can be the creative source and design of this mystery – the beginning and the end,” De Jong said.

  Elsewhere around the island eclipse mania took over as many persons attended eclipse parties at different locations, such as the Papaya Inn and restaurant and Scubaqua Dive Center.

  Many Statians were excited about the eclipse, and posted pictures on social media about their viewing experience.

  Papaya Inn invited members of the public to view the eclipse via some specially made equipment.

Members of Scubaqua viewing the solar eclipse through their beer bottles.


  “We tried to look through Carib beer bottles. But it didn’t work out perfectly, so we drank them,” Scubaqua’s Mike Harterink said.

Source: The Daily Herald