Sole STA board member resigns from her position

PHILIPSBURG–The St. Maarten Tourism Authority (STA) took another hit on Thursday when the only member of the board, Christina Labega, resigned effective immediately. This is another major setback for the organisation that has a Supervisory Council in charge of its structure.

  Labega, who was appointed by Minister of Tourism Ingrid Arrindell, called it quits after a public battle between Minister Arrindell and the STA Supervisory Council about the appointment of presumptive interim STA director Rolando Brison.

  Brison has been hitting the airwaves this past week, visiting several popular radio talk shows outlining his take on what has been going on with his selection. He stated in the interviews that the Selection Committee had made its choice – him – and his selection letter proved it.

  He further stated that Labega was the only person holding up the process of his appointment, as the STA articles of incorporation state that the board is the STA’s legal representative. The Supervisory Council in turn supervises the board.

  The ball is now in the Minister of Tourism’s court, as the articles of the tourism organisation state that “In case of impediment or default of all board members, the foundation shall be temporarily managed by a person designated thereto by the Minister.”

  Brison signed his job offer letter in the presence of Minister Arrindell on August 12. 

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Was this resignation given because of the new cabinet coming in or this was the result of disagreement with the way the outgoing Minister handled the premature commitments and appointment of Mr. Brison?

  2. This is what happens when you leave unqualified Ministers and her Hench men mess up such an important structure that is the STA. Shame on you!!