Some 16 pregnant women infected by Zika virus

MARIGOT–A total of 16 pregnant women have now been infected by the Zika virus in St. Martin, according to the last bulletin from Institut Veille de la Santé (INVS) on July 13.

The women are being closely monitored and some have given birth, but there was no information on whether any foetuses have been born with microcephaly.

Some 167 suspected cases of Zika were registered between July 7 and 13. No further neurological complications attributed to Zika have been reported since the first case at the beginning of the month.

A total of 1,420 accumulated cases have been registered in St. Martin since the virus began circulating in mid-January. The French side has been in an epidemic phase since June 15.

INVS noted: “The circulation of the virus remains active in the territory.” St. Barths has 53 biologically confirmed cases since the emergence of the virus, and 13 new cases since the last bulletin was issued on July 7. One pregnant woman has been infected by the virus and a further 42 cases are suspected.

In total, St. Barths has 230 suspected cases since the emergence of the virus.

Source: Daily Herald
Some 16 pregnant women infected by Zika virus