Some 186 visit Statia for Ascension Day | THE DAILY HERALD

Father Simon Wilson and the parish priest of Saba, along with some of the visitors from Saba after the church service.

Saba culture icon Carmen Simmons being assisted by Statia’s Accessible Ventures, while Germaine Nicholson looks on.

Saba visitors and Statia Roman Catholic Church parishioners join hands as they sing “Our Father.”

  1. EUSTATIUS–A total of 186 persons from the sister island of Saba paid a visit to Sint Eustatius last Thursday for a day trip for the Christian holiday – Ascension Day.

The trip was organised by the Roman Catholic Church. Ascension Day is normally celebrated with a Mass held at the church. The church service was held at the St. Eustatius Roman Church and many persons from the large group of Saba visitors attended the service along with the Saba Parish priest.

During the church service, St. Eustatius parish priest Father Simon Wilson said the Saba visitors brought the rain and “we are thankful for that.” Following the church service, the Saba visitors were treated to snacks and refreshments.

The visitors patronized various businesses including food booths, taxis, car rentals, buses, restaurants, supermarkets and neighbourhood deli’s, as well as visiting many of the island’s tourist attractions during their stay.

Source: The Daily Herald