Son who threatened father with gun let go

PHILIPSBURG–The Judge of Instruction lifted the pre-trial detention of the young man recently arrested for threatening his father with a gun, according to his lawyer Remco Stomp on Thursday.

The father filed a complaint with police stating that his son had threatened him with a gun. Shortly after the heated argument, the suspect was found in a car close to his home and police officers found a pistol in the vicinity of the vehicle.
He was immediately arrested and held at the local police station. Stomp requested the young man’s immediate release. The young man was homeless due to the storm and had to sleep in a car with his girlfriend and new-born baby, Stomp said.
“The accusation of gun possession and threatening someone with it obviously is a very serious matter; because the allegations are so serious the prosecutor may be expected to immediately initiate an investigation into the matter.
“After a week being locked up there was still no fingerprints or DNA taken from my client, although the young man had clearly indicated that he was willing to fully cooperate with the investigation,” stated Stomp.
“There was no actual proof that the weapon actually belonged to the young man. There was only a suspicion which was not backed up; nor were there any serious efforts to substantiate the initial allegations. Reason why I asked the judge to set him free is in order for him to get back to his job and provide for his family in these extremely challenging times. The judge consequently ordered the young father’s immediate release.”

Source: The Daily Herald