Special Weather Bulletin — Possible Flooding


The tropical wave passing through the local region has been producing showers last night into this morning. These conditions are expected to continue through the morning hours. Therefore, street-flooding is likely. Residents and motorists in areas prone to flooding and rock falls should be vigilant and use caution. 

Seas also deteriorated near 9 feet. Thus, sea users and persons with interests along the coast should exercise caution.

FORECASTER: Connor/Isaac


A Special Bulletin is issued for weather events that are unusual, cause general inconvenience or public concern (requiring the attention and action of fire department and police authorities) and cannot adequately be described in a regular weather forecast.


A Small Craft Advisory announces that the sea will likely become somewhat rough today or is already occurring.

A Flash Flood Advisory announces that heavy rainfall will occur today or is already occurring.

Source: Daily Herald
Special Weather Bulletin — Possible Flooding