Sport federation gets new name, logo and e-mail

PHILIPSBURG–Since the election of a new board at an Extra Ordinary General Meeting, April 21, the St. Maarten Sport Federations has been busy.

  The new board has changed  the Federations name to the St. Maarten Sports and Olympic Federation (SMSOF) ) as required by international standards. A new logo has also been designed depicting the organization’s serious move to be part of the Olympics in 2020.
A new domain and website was also established and will be online and available for use within short.
  However the organization has encountered a setback.  “The new Secretary General is Mr. Mirto Breell and not Mr. Edsel Hooker,” wrote President of St. Maarten Sports Olympic Federation  Aartwichgt Bell in a letter to the media. “Regrettably after the election of April 21, Mr. Hooker hi-jacked the email account and various key documentation of the sports federation forcing us to change our email of the past two years to [email protected]/* */ and rebuild our database of contacts.”
  Bell concluded, “Although these can be considered setbacks in our progress, we are convinced it was needed for us to better reorganize the various sports federations in order to enhance the level of competitive sports  on the island.”

Source: Daily Herald
Sport federation gets new name, logo and e-mail