Sport fishing boat sinks at Fort Louis Marina

Silver Queen sits half submerged on the sea bed at Fort Louis Marina on Friday.

MARIGOT—A 78ft sport fishing boat “Silver Queen” sank in the waters of Fort Louis Marina on Friday afternoon.

  The vessel which is an old classic design in wood construction was manoeuvring into a dock space at the marina when a mooring line caught in the prop which in turn ripped the strut to cause a big enough hole to let water in.

  Efforts to pump out the water were in vain and the vessel sank in an hour and a half and is now resting on the bottom, half submerged.

  Salvage of the vessel will be done by Aquatic Solutions over the weekend with the use of air bags. Once floated it will be towed to Bobby’s Mega Yard to be repaired. Booms to stop the spread of oil were placed all around the vessel.

  “Silver Queen” which is insured was acting as a support boat for a film crew filming the reality show Below Decks on a mega yacht named “Valor” for the show. It was understood another support boat is being sought.

  Friday was the first of eight planned filming sessions. The series is being filmed on various islands in the Caribbean.


Source: The Daily Herald