St. Dominic Primary tops country at FBE, top performers rewarded | THE DAILY HERALD

Minister Smith and Examinations Division head Yvette Halley with the 2019 top performers for each subject taken at the FBE exit exams.


PHILIPSBURG–St. Dominic Primary School pupil Mahika Ramchandani topped St. Maarten at this year’s Foundation-Based Education (FBE) Exit Examinations held earlier this year.

  The FBE exams determine placement in secondary school. Ramchandani achieved a total score of 298 out of 330 points.

  Education Minister Wycliffe Smith on Tuesday celebrated with the top performers for the 2019 FBE Exit Examinations. “We recognised the students receiving the top scores for the four subject areas English, Math, Dutch and General Knowledge, and we also recognised the overall highest achiever,” Smith said.

  Eight received gift certificates as four were tied for the highest score in General Knowledge and two tied for the highest English score.

  Smith congratulated the students, who are now attending the secondary schools of their choice.

  “I would like to encourage the students who are currently in Group 8 or 6th grade to study hard and do their best so that they can also achieve excellent grades on their FBE Exit Exams at the end of the schoolyear,” Smith said at the Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday.

Source: The Daily Herald