St. Eustatius cleans up after passing of Irma

ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius is in clean-up mode after the passing of monster Hurricane Irma that flattened sister island St. Maarten.
The aftermath of the hurricane was recorded by the many trees that were toppled over, damaged roofs and utility poles scattered on the streets and fences.
Police were called out to rescue a family of four during the hurricane after their roof began to be ripped off by the winds. Many residents used the hurricane shelter in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, because as they felt unsafe in their homes.
Residents were busy clearing the debris after the storm. The Marines and Fire Department were on Thursday going from street to street removing the loose galvanized zinc and placing them in a pickup truck for removal.
Councilman Reuben Merkman was also seen offering his assistance to replace galvanize where it had been removed. Many on the island were counting themselves as blessed and fortunate to have come through the storm without loss of life or injury.
Right now, the island is busy preparing for Hurricane Jose, which is expected to pass on Saturday. One plane did arrive and left the island Thursday after flights were cancelled ahead of the storm.
Prior to the storm, St. Eustatius Utility Company Stuco had informed the public about the switching off of electricity and that the water would also be turned off.
The telephone company Eutel NV remained operational until their lines were broken by the hurricane.
Stuco, EUTEL, Cable TV are all trying to restore service to customers. Electricity and phone connection were restored within 12 hours of the passing of the storm.
The Solar Park withstood the force of Irma as well as other historical sites, such as the Government Guesthouse that was undergoing repairs. The Golden Rock Dive Shop structure was severally damaged by the high winds and the rough seas.
A curfew was also instated on Wednesday night and remained in effect on Thursday morning for clean-up crews to work without disruption.

Source: The Daily Herald