St. Maarten inmates make kites for Curacao children

Some pupils of Dr. Nelly Winkel School display their kites made by St. Maarten prisoners who are currently housed in Curacao’s SDKK prison.

WILLEMSTAD–Four St. Maarten inmates currently housed in Curacao’s SDKK prison have demonstrated their positive creative skills and have helped to put smiles on the faces of pupils of Dr. Nelly Winkel School with the colourful kites for Easter.

  All prisoners housed in SDKK were part of the kite making, but the St. Maarten quartet completed 150 kites, the most of all the other prisoners. The St. Maarten kites were sufficient to present to each child enrolled at Dr. Nelly Winkel School which caters to children with special challenges and needs.   

  The kite-making project is part of a joint rehabilitation programme of the Curacao Ministries of Justice, Education and General Affairs. The project’s aim is to present a colourful kite to as many children as possible. Kite-flying is a favourite pastime at Easter time on Curacao.

  “The children were very pleased with this gift and show of affection from the St. Maarten inmates who are following a special rehabilitation program at the SDKK prison,” said Malvina Cecilia, SDKK Corrections Unit Head.

  The inmates were moved to Curacao after Hurricane Irma slammed into St. Maarten in September 2017. They are expected to remain there until the local prison can safely accommodate them. In the meantime, they are channelling their energies into productive and creative activities.


Source: The Daily Herald