St. Maarten Realtor aims to get more locals in their own homes | THE DAILY HERALD

Nover Thompson, one of the two St. Maarten Realtor owners.

COLE BAY–Recently established real estate company St. Maarten Realtor aims to get more locals in their own homes.

The business, which is owned by Nover Thompson and Xavier Mills, opened in June 2018, with one specific goal in mind. “Prior to opening, we realised that the majority of real estate companies cater for only the wealthy and foreign investors, but how many actually care for the needs of the local population?” the company said.

“We then decided to launch St. Maarten Realtor with the slogan ‘Small Steps Make Big Differences’. In this we understand the cry for the locals and not everyone can purchase a half-million piece of land. With rent at US $600 and minimum wage at $750, how can anyone become a homeowner?

“Keeping the challenges in mind such as low income, middle-class income, high property cost, finance, lack of guidance and a one-stop-shop for all real estate needs or inquiries, we are currently developing a partnership with businesses involved in the real estate industry. Through this venture we hope to facilitate potential homeowners with the knowledge they need regardless of the circumstances.”

The business said that while it might be a small start-up company, it intends to make a great impact. It offers a range of services such as property development, property management (before, during and after sale) and brokerage services. “Our aim is to become a real estate hub to better assist the general public. Under this hub will include the below services through an alliance with our preferred partners: finance, insurance, notarial services, home furnishing, interior designing and general contractor services.”

Asked what difference St. Maarten Realtor brings to the table with so many real estate companies already operating in St. Maarten, the company said: “We have come to know that majority of the real estate companies on the island provide the same typical services such as brokerage, property management and property development.

“However, how many are there that see you through the entire selling/buying process? Hence, our partnership programme.

“We also strive to perfect the listing by increasing the property value. For example, a family would like to sell their home for over 25 years. Its current value is $350,000, but the family wants to collect $400,000 for it. What do we do? We manage the property, add life, paint it over, maintain the lawn or garden, and so much more.

“After we close the deal, the job is still not finished. The new homeowner is lost as to how to settle in their new home. We provide steps to lighten the transition process. We want our clients to know that we have their best interest at heart at all times.”

St. Maarten Realtor is located at Union Road #53 in Cole Bay. The company currently has five staffers and has plans to add more. It can be reached at email, tel. 544-3200 or mobile 554-3203/5.

Source: The Daily Herald