St. Maartener among newly appointed World Ambassadors

St. Maartener Jamal Cummins (centre) received his recognition as a World Civility Ambassador.

 MERRIVILLE, Indiana–St. Maartener Jamal Cummins (Madison, Alabama), Arizona residents Dr. Vernet A. Joseph, Dr. Will Moreland and Marquez Hughley (Tampa, Florida) were awarded and appointed as World Civility Ambassadors at the recent World Civility Day Community Civility Counts Awards Dinner.

    For 16-plus years, four United States Army veterans from Compton, Opelika, St. Maarten, and Miami challenged each other to become more, do more and inspire more people to live a full life of purpose, leadership, service and impact. They have all transitioned from veterans, serial entrepreneurs and now newly appointed Ambassadors of World Civility.

  Cummins is the son of Harrison and Joycelyn Cannegieter, is nephew of Member of Parliament Franklin Meyers and grandson of the late Etienne and Eulalie “Ms. Lalie” Meyers.

  The programme focused on “A day to bring kindness back into the world.” Joseph and Moreland have both visited St. Maarten and contributed to helping entrepreneurs here and in Anguilla via the iDominate 360 Conference, organised by Entreprenuer Ife Badejo.

  Twelve countries including St. Maarten were represented at the third annual World Civility Day event.

  Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers said, “It’s truly a privilege to be the spokesman for this great global initiative … We appreciate you and your service to bettering humanity.”

  Keynote speech delivered by Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

  There is an official resolution signed by the state of Indiana for Community Civility Count Initiative. Representative Peter Visclosky shares with the State’s House of Representatives the impact and purpose of the World Civility Day programme. Learn more via YouTube –

Source: The Daily Herald