St. Martin chooses Macron for President of the French Republic

MARIGOT–Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron emerged the clear choice of voters in St. Martin to be the next President of France as results from the second round of voting in the Presidential Election on Saturday were revealed by the Ministry of the Interior.

Macron distanced himself from his National Front rival Marine Le Pen, amassing 3,857 votes (19.14 per cent of registered voters) to Le Pen’s 1,826 votes (9.06 per cent of registered voters).

Saturday’s run-off was expected to have a much better turnout in St. Martin from the 20,152 registered voters compared to the first round results but the opposite was true again. In fact 13,919 voters abstained (69.07 per cent).

From the 6,233 persons who voted (30.93 per cent), 383 cast blank votes, 167 were invalid, reducing the true number of valid ballots to 5,683 (28.20 per cent).

The Préfecture reported that only 9.98 per cent of votes were cast by midday in St. Martin (15.68 per cent in 2012) and 26.24 per cent in St. Barths (28.27 per cent in 2012).

At the 5:00pm check, 20.67 per cent had voted in St. Martin and 47.73 per cent in St. Barths.

In 2012, 38 per cent of registered voters in St. Martin cast ballots in the second round of the election.

Source: The Daily Herald