St. Martin gymnasts sweep

Gold Medals in Guadeloupe GUADELOUPE–St. Martin athletes swept the regional French Antilles-Guyana Individual Gymnastics Finals in Guadeloupe over the weekend.

  “St. Martin won gold in every category of the gymnastics competition beating the Guadeloupian gymnasts,” said Angelique Martis-Romou, a proud mother who travelled with the team.
  The competition was divided into age groups by year born. In the youngest division, Mai-Angél Martis of Gym Enfants SXM took gold in year 2009.
  Xénia Ahlip of Gym Enfants SXM won gold for 2008 while teammate Charlotte Martinez took bronze for 2008. Waimaria Steele of Club du Gym SXM took top honours for 2007 and team mate Ayla Denis finished fourth in that group.
  Lia-Sofyiah Lake of Club du Gym SXM won the 2006-2005 division. Teammate Keona Ineguraud was second and Cloe Thiriet was fourth.
  Jade Thiriet of Club du Gym SXM won the Minimes 2004 to 2003. Gym Enfants SXM’s Solanlly Madrigal Osorio placed seventh, teammate Samira Mangata was eighth and Carla Guerreiro was 14th.
  Afiya Denis of Club du Gym SXM won a gold medal in the Minimes FF Region category. Teammate Ysalis Amiaud took silver.
  Gold medals were also won in the 2002-2001 Cadette group by Tia Fleming of Club du Gym SXM and Zoë Van Zadelhoff of NIA.

Source: Daily Herald
St. Martin gymnasts sweep