St. Martiners arrested for possession of cannabis | THE DAILY HERALD

Confiscated scooters from the control will be destroyed.

MARIGOT–Four St. Martiners between the ages of twenty and 28 years old were arrested Tuesday afternoon in Sandy Ground for possession of cannabis. One was in possession of seven bags of weed and US $600.

In addition, three of them were using scooters in poor condition, without insurance and mandatory equipment. One was a repeat offender, driving without a licence.

The control on the request of the Prosecutor was carried out between 3:30pm and 5:00pm with 30 Gendarmes. The operation went off without incident, making it possible to check some 20 inhabitants of the district.

Two of the defendants will be notified of a criminal offence order, and two others will be summoned to appear before the criminal court in January and March 2020. The two-wheelers will be destroyed in accordance with the Highway Code and criminal policy.

Following the incident of November 24, which led to the arrest and subsequent incarceration after the immediate appearance in court of a perpetrator, who was particularly violent during a street fight in Sandy Ground, this operation raised visibility of the Gendarmerie’s efforts to secure Sandy Ground, particularly following the excesses of November 11.

The operation was carried out in consultation with the Prosecutor’s Office, as part of the ongoing fight against dangerous behaviour on the roads and “street dealing”, and in accordance with the objectives of both the Prosecutor’s Office and the Préfecture.

Source: The Daily Herald