St. Martin’s Amanda Sylves Volleyball competition MVP

PHILIPSBURG—St. Martin’s Amanda Sylves won the most coveted individual honour at the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association (ECVA) Youth Female competition that ended Sunday May 8 in Antigua.

She was judged best spiker with 47 kills, 10 ahead of Antigua’s Joseanne Lewis. Her blocks were superlative as she recorded 17 in the tournament. Second place in this department went to Britney Gore of Antigua with 12.

However what gave Sylves the edge was her overall scoring. In addition to leading in spikes and blocks she also had a whopping 17 points from the service line to tally a total of 81 points.

Second placed Joseanne Lewis of Antigua and Barbuda scored 49 points.

Antigua and Barbuda and St. Martin took home the majority of the individual awards. Of the 11 awards, both teams shared eight between them. St. Martin’s Middle Blocker Amanda Sylves accounted for three for St. Martin while Antigua’s Rochelle Boyer got three individual awards as well – Best Digger, Best Libero and Best Receiver which reflected the hard work she did throughout the tournament.

The best Outside Hitter went to Joseanne Lewis of Antigua while the Best Opposite went to Shaunese Hous of St. Eustatius. Aryel Leonard of St. Lucia was by far the Best Server and no one was close to Antigua’s Aliya’s Alfred in the setting department.

The final overall results were as follows; St. Martin first, Antigua second, St. Lucia third and St. Eustatius fourth.

Source: Daily Herald
St. Martin’s Amanda Sylves Volleyball competition MVP