St. Peters house connection, Cupper drive and trench re-construction


Public Notice

The Ministry of VROMI would like to inform the general public of St. Maarten and the residents of St. Peters of the following:

As of Friday December 9th 2016, the Cupper drive will be closed during the week-end until December 11th 2016, to enable the Contractor Designer’s Choice N.V. to finalize the road surface on Cupper drive.

The execution of the works will commence Friday evening at 4:00 pm with the closure of Cupper drive. Cupper drive will be completely closed from all traffic.

The St. Peters road is still under construction, the reconstruction of St. Peters main road will take place next year, the first week-end in January, 2017. In the meantime during this week-end the contractor will be resurfacing and leveling of the road surface with soil/cement to allow traffic to flow freely without any hindrance.

During the execution of the project the residents of St. Peters and Motorists that utilize the St. Peters road and the L.B. Scott Road will experience some inconvenience.

Further information about the Project “St. Peters house connection” can be obtained at Ministry of VROMI, Department of New Projects Development and Planning, tel. 542-4289, Project Manager, ing. Bako Maynard, email: [email protected]/* */ and/or Department Head New Projects Development and Planning, ing. Kurt A. Ruan, e-mail: [email protected]/* */

Source: The Daily Herald