Stabber of CC1 Managing Director sentenced to 4 years


PHILIPSBURG–The man who stabbed Coca Cola distributor CC1’s Managing Director Iris Delgado in her office on August 19, 2016, was sentenced Wednesday to four years in jail, one of which was suspended, on three years’ probation for attempted manslaughter, threat and lechery. The Court also awarded NAf. 50,000 in damages to the victim. Attached to the verdict was the special condition that defendant Jenkyns Rivera Ozuna (23) must remain under the Probation Service’s supervision.

He is also to receive outpatient treatment at Mental Health Foundation and must periodically provide urine samples to monitor his abstinence from drugs. The defendant has a history of severe drug abuse. He has been a very heavy smoker of marijuana, which induced fits of psychosis. The Prosecutor called for the defendant to be sentenced to six years in jail. “Your honour, I am sorry for what I did. I was high that day and smoked four joints and I think somebody put something in my weed, because I did not feel like myself.

When I saw Miss Delgado, I saw that she was Satan and I was God and I had to protect the world Police officers escorting Jenkyns Rivera Ozuna. against her,” stated Rivera to the Judge during the hearing of his case in December 2016. The hearing of the case was halted until yesterday awaiting the defendant’s psychiatric evaluation. On Wednesday, the defendant repeated his statement telling the Judge that due to his marijuana use and the psychosis he heard voices telling him to attack Delgado with a knife.

Attorney Geert Hatzmann said his client was willing to pay damages, but said it would be dangerous to send his client to jail. Instead, he suggested to dismiss his client of all prosecution and to put him under guardianship. The Judge said he disagreed with the lawyer’s position that his client should be considered fully unaccountable. Instead, the Court held the defendant not fully responsible for his acts. The Judge said Rivera Ozuna had been close to killing his victim. As clinical treatment is not possible in St. Maarten, the Judge ordered the defendant to submit himself to outpatient treatment of his drug abuse.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. But what about the victim? She has life long damage to her face, neck and back. Is traumatized to the point of not wanting to leave home. This crazy druggie will not sit in jail long and out on the street soon. No justice!!