State Council rejects accounts of Alain Richardson, Jules Charville


MARIGOT–The State Council has rejected the 2017 election campaign accounts of Alain Richardson and Jules Charville, according to Le Pélican newspaper which reported the development on its website late Friday. Both Territorial Councillors have also been rendered ineligible for one year.

No further details as to the reason could be obtained last night. However, Louis Mussington confirmed the news to The Daily Herald, adding that Richardson and Charville had themselves confirmed the news on radio stations Friday evening.
Both Councillors in the Opposition will have to stand down to be replaced by the next in line on their respective lists.
Richardson was head of the list “En Marche vers le Progrès” (March towards Progress) and Charville head of the Generation Hope Party in 2017.
Charville joined Mussington for the second round of the 2017 Territorial Election to form Alliance for Hope, Justice and Prosperity in a bid to halt the runaway train of Team Gibbs. Alliance came second with 2,138 votes. Richardson’s party finished third with 1,022 votes.
Richardson was making his comeback in the 2017 election after four years in the political wilderness without a mandate. He won the election in 2012, but a year later his campaign accounts were rejected, and Aline Hanson took over as President until the election in 2017.

Source: The Daily Herald