State Secretary Knops visits St. Maarten, Statia and Saba | THE DAILY HERALD

Dutch State Secretary Raymond Knops (left) arriving in St. Eustatius in November 2020. (File photo)PHILIPSBURG–Dutch State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops will pay a working visit to St. Eustatius, Saba and St. Maarten from Sunday to Thursday, May 16-20.

  In St. Eustatius, Knops will have meetings with Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis, Island Secretary Malvern Dijkshoorn-Lopez, the Island Council and church leaders.

  Knops will visit a number of projects in the areas of road infrastructure, nature conservation and water supply, and will speak there with various stakeholders.

  He will arrive in Saba on Monday, May 17, where he will meet with Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and Island Secretary Tim Muller, members of the Executive and Island Councils and the Outbreak Management Team (OMT).

  The programme also includes discussions about the Saba Package and a visit to a number of related projects. A meeting with the Youth Council has also been scheduled.

  On Tuesday, May 18, at the end of the day, Knops will travel to St. Maarten, where he will speak with Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs about “political and administrative developments”. He will also visit a vaccination location and a number of other projects.

Source: The Daily Herald


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  2. Raimund ‘matamoros’ Knops, the Muslim slayer. After his bloody work in Irak, still the numbers of killings are increasing in that country, he nowis fighting Black people in St. Martin. He acts like a military, he likes the tast of victory and therefore blood. Unfortunately, we are his victims now.