Statia Advisory board meets about new signs | THE DAILY HERALD

ST. EUSTATIUS–The St. Eustatius Community Advisory Board met on Tuesday to discuss new street signs and the expansion of the detention capacity.

All streets on the island now have names and all premises are assigned a number. This left the pressing issues of the model of signage to be used for numbers and names. Several sign models were looked at by the committee.
The board recommended that if possible signs should be made of wood and preferably produced on island. However, the wood should be of such quality that yearly maintenance would not be necessary and special attention should be paid to visibility at night.
A request was made to expand the detention capacity next to the police station. The board questioned the location so close to the residential part of the historical town, especially when the facility requires a 7-metre high wall for security.
The board said it recognized that such a facility might be a win-win situation for the police force, employment and the family of the persons detained. The board also recalled other locations have been suggested in the past and queried why those locations were not considered in this request.
The Board strongly advised that a town hall meeting be organized for the plan’s initiators to explain the choice of the detention location and for questions about the organization, wall height and employment to be addressed in a public setting.
The board is set to meet again on September 11.

Source: The Daily Herald