Statia completes connection Solar Park, retention pond | THE DAILY HERALD

Statia’s Solar Park

ST. EUSTATIUS–The public entity St. Eustatius has completed the first connection between the Solar Park and the water retention pond in a quest to find additional sustainable solutions to the water problem. 


  The project is executed in collaboration with St. Eustatius Utility Company STUCO, it was stated in a Government Information Service (GIS) press release issued late Tuesday evening.

  Through the connection water is collected from the solar panels and flows to the retention ponds through gravity. The water is then pumped to farmers with the use of a solar pump.

  The Solar Park was constructed through a joint initiative of the public entity, STUCO and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The public entity provided the land for the construction while the finances for the installation of the park were finalised between STUCO and the ministry.

  This is yet another step to ensure that there is adequate water quality and supply for the agriculture sector. Statia has been plagued with extensive drought throughout its history. Having no natural fresh water source on the island has compounded this problem.

  Made in Statia Foundation and the Reforestation Project have direct connections to the water source. Under the central government’s hurricane reconstruction project, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations BZK allocated funds to the local government to construct two water catchments north of the Solar Park.

  One of the catchments is now completed with a liner to prevent water from leaking into the ground. Tilapia fish in the catchment are for vector control and prevent mosquitoes from spreading. It has an approximate holding capacity of 10,000 cubic metres.

  The other catchment with twice the capacity is not yet completed due to the travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: The Daily Herald