Statia cracks down on roaming animals | THE DAILY HERALD

Loose roaming cows in St. Eustatius.


Inspector Gershon Lopes.


ST. EUSTATIUS–Roaming cows, goats, sheep and pigs in the vicinity of built-up areas in St. Eustatius are being removed. A notice sent out by the Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery last week informs all livestock handlers that it is against the law for their animals to roam free and that they must be tagged.

Residents of the “Historical Gem” have not been slow to voice their concern about the nuisance such animals create. A recent report from the Omnibus Survey carried out by Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) echoed the discontent of Statians towards the mess left on the streets.

Government Inspector for Nature and Environment Gershon Lopes is determined to solve the problem permanently. “There will be no exceptions,” Lopes told The Daily Herald.

“In addition to mess on the streets, roaming animals cause serious problems for erosion. We have already started to dispose of untagged animals and that is slowing down the destruction.”

Source: The Daily Herald