Statia Doet 2022 kicks off with a motorcade | THE DAILY HERALD

A car being decorated for the Statia Doet motorcade.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Statia Doet 2022 kicked off with a motorcade, with participation of Statia Lions Club members, on Thursday, May 12. A total of 32 volunteer projects will be carried out on Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21. This will be the eighth time that Statia has hosted this volunteer activity.

  Statia Doet 2022 was originally scheduled for March 11-12, together with similar volunteering events in the other countries and islands in the Dutch Kingdom, but had to be postponed due to the high number of COVID-19 infections in Statia at the time.

  Among this year’s Statia Doet projects are the beautification of Claes Gut by Statia Pride. “Little Helpers with Green Thumbs” will involve the schools, including Buzzy Bees day-care centre. Another beautification project will take place at the entrance of the newly-built road in Cherry Tree.

  St. Eustatius Historical Foundation Simon Doncker Club will also take part in Statia Doet, involving the museum as well as the information booth. The museum will be closed for visitors from Friday through Sunday, May 20-22, and will reopen during its regular hours on Monday, May 23.

  Senior citizens will be treated to a rejuvenating spa day.

  “With Statia Doet, you really make a big difference for someone else in one day,” said Maxine Spanner-Suares of the Statia Doet organisation.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. An event that is good for community feeling and developing joint responsibilities. Such a delight to see that many young ones participate. My respect to the organizers.
    And also a momemt of happiness on a small island with a terrible discrimination in health care, education, opportunities, welfare, jobs, income, costs of living, housing, and much more. If we compare with other parts of the Netherlands.

    But unfortunately this event is also used by some with the wrong intentions. The money tap is used to steer the games.
    People outside Statia wonder why the people of Statia are so docile and obedient towards any authority. In the same Caribbean there are islands where people rebelled against the colonial system of exploitation. And we are all descendants from the same continent!

    Not on Statia. All seem to believe in the system the white colonial power established. And some just want their share of the wealth, so they steal community money. Like the director of Stuco and his wife are accustomed to do. And others think that as soon as the right people are at the helm, that everything changes for the better. But hélas, the institute of the island council is not here with an intention for changes. Those who believe this, have become blind by the multi generation epidemic sensory deprivation of their upbringing, education and/or religion. I call this indoctrination.
    It is not easy to come free from your mental repression. Nor from the sources of this super submissive behavior.
    Education is the best eye-opener for awareness, self-esteem and of relativization.